About DAG

Decorate a Garden aims towards building a better gardening community, empowering gardeners, and cultivating gardening habits in the new generations. We are the number one resource for all your gardening needs. Our team of experts teaches people how to get started with gardening, doing it right, and enhance their plant growing skills. 

We will tell you a secret today! Gardening is easy if you do it with Decorate a Garden. We provide gardening advice, tips to troubleshoot gardening-related problems, planting pointers, reviews of some of the best gardening tools available, and much more. 

About Decorate a Garden


No matter if you are trying to dig the soil in a small space, trying to grow a row of seasonal veggies or trees, or want to plant containers indoors, Decorate a Garden has got it all covered. Our team brings a lot to the table for our consumers. They use their expertise and gardening tips to help our customers become expert gardeners. We are gardeners, and our team is passionate about what we do. So, we have come forward to help you with your gardening. 

Charles S. Nelson started his venture Decorate a Garden to share some of his gardening practices. With 15 years of experience in gardening, he offers promising gardening tips and easy-to-understand answers. He couldn’t find answers to his questions over the internet during his gardening journey where he could go looking for help. This made him realize that passionate gardeners like him need a place to get their queries solved. 

Charles then thought it would be a great idea to start a place where people can get gardening-related help and answers to their questions; answers that were not so technical. With extensive experience in gardening, he thought he could create one such place. This led to the foundation of Decorate A Garden.

We strive to bring the best of gardening to you, right from the correct tools to great gardening tips. You will find a collection of helpful guides in the form of written articles to help people lay their soil and do the planting. If you are looking to plant trees in specific conditions like planting trees in the shade or direct sun, you will get all the required assistance here. 

If you are looking to plant a particular shrub flowering blossom or just any other evergreen species, you are at the right place. Get great troubleshooting tips to deal with different kinds of plant diseases and pests. Treatment of different types of plants is covered in detail in our blogs. 

Feel free to reach out to us, and let us know if our suggestions or tips worked for you. Write to us if you are facing some specific issues with a failed crop or pests or if there is some other problem you would like us to address. Our team will assist you readily. Develop your gardening skills with us and take them to the next level. Get gardening tips to grow beautiful plants and flowers.