When to Overseed Bermuda Grass: Best Time & How?๐Ÿ‘Œ

Wondering When to Overseed Bermuda Grass?

Is your lush green and thick Bermuda grass thinning out? Are you concerned about its regrowth? 

A few months back, my lawn grass was drastically thinning out. Like you, I was pretty much worried about its regrowth. After my neighbor’s advice, I decided when to overseed Bermuda grass and rushed to the store to buy seeds. I bought seeds and broadcasted them over multiple areas in the frosted lawn area.ย 

Wondering When to Overseed Bermuda Grass?
Wondering When to Overseed Bermuda Grass?

It had been almost eight weeks, and I didn’t see grass growth. Instead, a few parts of the Bermuda grass are wearing out. Ahhh…I am fed up. I left the lawn with a frustrated face and didn’t care either about the lawn or its regrowth. 

Surprisingly, after two weeks, I saw the growth of the Bermuda grass. After that, my friend visited me, and we had a good time. Meanwhile, he explained to me the appropriate time to harvest Bermuda grass. Then, I realized that I hadn’t overseeded Bermuda grass in the right season.

Even if you are worried about the grass thinning, the obvious solution is overseeding it. However, it’s pretty essential to understand when to overseed warm Bermuda grass. Or else, you end up with poor grass growth.ย 

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