🥇4 Best Fertilizer for Bermuda Grass Growth [2022 Review]

Best Fertilizer for Bermuda Grass

Wondering What Are The Best Fertilizer for Bermuda Grass Growth?

Like us, plants, trees, or grass also need nutrients to grow and flourish. A good fertilizer is enough to provide all the required nutrients to make them grow. Recently, I sowed Bermuda grass seeds in my garden, but I didn’t see a single sprout. After following all the instructions like soil testing, right plantation time, etc., I did not get desired results. One day, one friend of mine told me whether I used fertilizer or not.

After researching a lot, I bought some fertilizer and applied them to my garden. I got great results after using them. I like to share those products with you all. Many of you are struggling to get the desired thick and green Bermuda grass. But it is not possible without using the best fertilizer for Bermuda grass. Consider our top picks and select the best one according to your needs. Make sure that nutrients are necessary for the grass growth and making it healthy.

Our Picks Top #4 Picks Regarding Best Fertilizer for Bermuda Grass Growth 

Scotts Southern Triple Action Turf Builder – The Best Overall

The Triple action formula by Scotts is the best solution for growing Bermuda grass on your lawn. If you stay in a Southern region and unable to grow the grass, apply this fertilizer to get great results. Let us consider some exciting features of this product.


  • The triple-action formula by Scotts can help in preventing and killing weeds. It can feed all the required nutrients to the grass to make the grass grow green and thick.
  • It can kill different types of weeds like chickweed, oxalis, dandelions, oxalis, and henbit.
  • The fertilizer can make the grass free of pests for at least six months.
  • Use this fertilizer on grass species like Zoysia, Centipede, Carpet, Bermuda, etc.
  • It is the best fertilizer for Bermuda grass as it can grow thick and green leaves in your garden.


  • Easy to apply
  • Kill all types of weeds and pests
  • Provide nutrients to the grass
  • Spray it to the area of 8000 sq. ft.


  • Expensive

I strongly recommend this product because it contains all the nutrients in the required proportion. It can fertilize your lawn and make it look thick and green. If you have wasted enough time trying alternative things, you should try it once to get desired results.

Scotts Turf Builder Bermuda Grass Food – The Best for Making Your Lawn Healthy 


It is another product by Scotts, which can make your garden healthy. When you sow Bermuda seeds, you wish them to grow and stay pest or weed-free. It works great even if the grass is drought or heat-resistant. You can feed your garden with high-quality fertilizer. Check out some of its features in detail.


  • It gives strength and required feed to your lawn against drought and heat.
  • There is a guarantee that it will not burn the grass in your garden.
  • It is easy to kill bugs and weeds by applying this fertilizer.
  • It is crucial to water your lawn before the application because it takes advantage of natural elements. You can rely on rainwater if you have a large field to water.
  • Get a healthy lawn and prevent soil erosion and runoff.


  • Available in three packagings of different sizes
  • Get a combo including the spreader


  • Suitable for the only summer season
  • Not available for Florida

Undoubtedly, I got impressed with this Scotts product also. I followed all the instructions and did the same. I got results, and it was shocking to see such a healthy lawn again after a while.

 Safer Lawn Restore Bermuda Grass Fertilizer – The Best for Getting Long-lasting Effects 

Safer is another reputed brand for the best fertilizer for Bermuda grass. If you want to get long-lasting effects, then nothing can beat the Safer lawn restore product. It strengthens the root system and makes the turf thick and green. Let us check some of its exciting features in detail.  


  • Apply fertilizer to strengthen the root of the turf to make the grass green and thick.
  • It can cover a distance of about 6250 sq. ft.
  • It helps the grass to withstand cold, drought, and heat.
  • The robust root system makes your lawn healthy and beautiful.
  • Observe results three to five days after application.


  • Do not smell bad
  • One packet can cover 5000 sq. ft area.
  • No included manure 


  • No included spreader in the package
  • Take more than five days to give results

Every person desires to have a healthy green layer of turfgrass in a garden. But it is challenging to get quick and better results, but now, it is possible by applying the Safer fertilizer to your lawn. Now it is easy to get the desired and long-lasting results with ease.

Scotts Turf Builder Weed with Feed – The Best for Thickening Lawns

There is another product of Scotts on the list, which is a perfect weed killer and fertilizer. It is best for thickening your lawn with green and thick Bermuda grass. It is easy to treat weed growth and feed nutrients simultaneously. Consider some features to know why it is present in my list.


  • It is twice powerful to control and kill weeds like dandelion, clover, etc.
  • There is a complete guarantee that it can clear the weeds with ease.
  • It is a powerful weed killer and a fertilizer by Scotts.
  • The Weedgrip technology helps in gripping weeds, which is quite challenging through manual methods.
  • Easy process to thicken your lawn and make it beautiful.


  • The packaging is available in two sizes.
  • Easy instructions to follow
  • Easy to spread and coat the lawn


  • Wet your lawn before application
  • Not available in Florida
  • Keep your pets away when the garden is damp

Scotts presents the best fertilizer for Bermuda grass, which is the perfect weed killer. Every gardener has his choice because he knows the condition of the lawn better. If you want to thicken your garden and make it beautiful, then pick this product.

Buying Guide To Get Best Fertilizer for Bermuda Grass

  • Traditional or Organic

Organic fertilizers are made with natural ingredients, and hence, it takes time to show results. But there is an assurance that it does not harm your lawn in any way. On the other hand, the traditional one is made up of chemicals, which can be dangerous for your garden, pets, and children. It shows better results in less time, and you need to apply it in a limited quantity. You have two options when it comes to choosing a fertilizer from the available options in the market.

  • The Season Effect 

There is a different impact of season on soil and grass. Therefore, many fertilizers are available for nourishing your garden in different seasons. In the Bermuda grass case, you need to buy the specific one which promotes growth in a warm and dry region. The fertilizer must support the drought and heat resistance. Every area has different seasons and climates. It is necessary to choose the right product after considering your lawn’s weather conditions.

  • NPK Ratio

It is a ratio which you will observe on all the packaging of the fertilizer. The NPK means N for Nitrogen, P for Phosphorus, and K for Potassium. It is vital to provide all these nutrients adequately to the grass for better growth. You need to consider the perfect ratio, whether you are buying the granular or liquid one.

You will also see the list of other nutrients that are also essential for grass growth. Nitrogen is a macronutrient that helps in feeding your garden. It helps shoot and root development, lawn color, density, growth rate, and managing the recuperative ability. Whereas, Phosphorous is another crucial nutrient for fast root development.

If you are starting, then you may need this element for the proper growth of the grass. Whereas, Potassium helps Bermuda grass in making it drought-tolerant during summer. It helps in cell development, rooting, and drought resistance. Test the soil to check how many nutrients you need to feed your lawn.  

How To Fertilize Bermuda Grass

Frequently Asked Questions

How to Determine if a Lawn is Under-fertilized?

You can notice many things to know whether your lawn is under-fertilized or not. When Bermuda grass is not getting adequate nutrients, it will not look green and healthy. The undernourished takes a long time to recover after mowing and may look yellow. You can recognize that you need to feed nutrients to your lawn. 

How to Determine if the Lawn is Over-fertilized?

The over-fertilized lawn is also easy to detect by its appearance. There will be more thatch build-up, and the grass looks abnormal. You need to spend more time doing manual labor. You should apply the right amount of fertilizer as mentioned in the packaging.  

Is It Possible to Get Quick Results with Natural Fertilizers?

There is nothing to confirm that it works slowly or quickly. But there is no harm to your lawn as all the ingredients are natural.

Why is Fertilizer Important for Bermuda Grass?

It is crucial to provide all the required nutrients to Bermuda grass which it does not get from the soil. A fertilizer helps in feeding all the nutrients and promoting its healthy growth.


After trying the best fertilizer for Bermuda grass, I recommend these products to people struggling with grass growth. It is vital to provide all the required nutrients to the grass to grow it green and healthy. Choosing the best fertilizer is a challenging task, but take your time to determine the desired product. Grow lush green, thick and healthy grass by feeding it right.

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