5 Best Mini Tillers of 2022 [Buying Guide]

Best Mini Tillers 

Soil plays a crucial role in gardening because it provides nutrition to plants and helps them grow well. It is necessary to improve the condition of the soil and make it capable of the plantation. It should absorb water and supply nutrients to the roots for better growth.

Best Mini Tillers

Recently, I prepared my garden soil for planting by digging the ground and breaking large chunks of soil into small particles. I have tried many tillers and come up with the best ones. There are plenty of mini tillers available in the market, and it is hard to pick one of the best mini tillers for your garden.

It is necessary to choose a high-quality tiller that fulfills all your needs. Maintaining your garden is a complicated job, and you need better devices like a tiller to prepare the soil for gardening. Let us discuss more and consider the best products after knowing the buying guide.  

5 Best Mini Tiller

Sun Joe Electric Tiller – The Best Overall

Sun Joe TJ603E 12A 16-Inch Electric Tiller
Sun Joe TJ603E 12A 16-Inch Electric Tiller

It is one of the best powerful mini tillers, which needs a 12A motor to pulverize the dirt. It can slice the large rocks in the soil at a speed of 340 RPM. You can prepare your garden for plantation by maximum aeration. It is easy to control the weeds in the yard with less strain. Consider some of its features in detail. 


  • The machine consists of a powerful motor of 12A which can dig the ground 16 inches wide and 8 inches deep.
  • It is made up of durable steel with six angled blade tines to get maximum performance and durability.
  • You can handle the machine with ease as it contains a storage space to keep necessary items. 
  • The 3-position adjustment of the wheel is available to make tilling easy. 
  • It is an electric machine, which needs a power source while tiling your lawn. 
  • There is a warranty of two years on its various parts. 


  • Two-in-one machine
  • Easy start button 
  • Adjustable wheels
  • Six steel blades for deeper reach


  • Lightweight

Earthwise Grey Electric Tiller – The Best for Deeper Cuts

Earthwise TC70025 2.5A 7.5-Inch Grey Electric Tiller
Earthwise TC70025 2.5A 7.5-Inch Grey Electric Tiller

It is one of the best mini tillers by Earthwise of 7.5 inches. The engine requires a 2.5A current to operate this corded electric tiller. If you are looking for the best way to prepare your yard, then consider this machine. 

It is perfect for preparing flower beds and loosening soil. There is no scope of hard work if you are using it. If you have a small lawn, then you can pick this machine for your work. Go through its detailed features to know this product better. 


  • It consists of a powerful motor that operates on 2.5A for more power and durability. 
  • The tines are made up of durable steel, which can cultivate 7.5 inches wide and 6 inches deep.
  • It is perfect for small to medium flower beds and gardens. 
  • Its Lightweight design helps in tilling your lawn effortlessly. 
  • There is a single lever switch that you need to pull to start the machine. 
  • The handle grip is soft for letting you work comfortably. 
  • It is a great eco-friendly option instead of the gas-powered best mini tillers for your yard.


  • Easy to operate 
  • Four steel blades for deeper cuts
  • Long run-time


  • Blades can bounce off on rocks

Greenworks Corded Mini Tiller – The Best for Cleaning Weeds

Greenworks 8A 27072 10-Inch Corded Mini Tiller
Greenworks 8A 27072 10-Inch Corded Mini Tiller

Greenworks launched its new model that needs 8A of current to operate. You can get fantastic results in your garden once you use this machine. It consists of durable and sharp blades that rotate in the forward direction. It is possible to adjust the tilling width as per your requirements. There are many things to know about this one of the best mini tillers. Consider its features to understand the functionality of this product. 


  • The machine motor is quite powerful, and it requires an 8A current to start and operate the machine. 
  • There is an easy start button on the machine that eliminates gas mixing and recoiling the cords.
  • There are four forward rotating tines of 8-inch that provide high performance while digging it into the ground.
  • You can adjust the tilling width between 8.25 to 10 inches for an easy and quick process. 
  • You need to assemble the parts before using them.
  • It is possible to dig deeper to 5 inches by adjusting the depth.
  • You can fold the handle for easy transportation and storage.


  • Easy weed cleaning by forward rotating blades 
  • Foldable handle
  • Tool-free assembly


  • Overheating of motor 

Black + Decker Mini Tiller – The Best for Powerful Transmission

Black + Decker LGC120 20V Mini Tiller
Black + Decker LGC120 20V Mini Tiller

If you are looking for a tiller machine to cultivate flower and garden beds, consider this model by Black + Decker. It is another one of the battery-powered best mini tillers that can tile the soil with ease. Get enough information about its features to determine whether you should buy this one or not. 


  • The dual tines are ideal for proper transmission. It breaks the soil chunks and allows nutrients to reach the roots of the plant. 
  • It operates on a 20V lithium-ion battery. The battery life is long, and it can work better than NiCad batteries.
  • It can cultivate the area of 325 sq. ft. in a single charge.
  • In the package, you will get components like one tiller, one 20V Lithium-Ion battery, one smart charger, and two tines.
  • It is easy to prevent weeds by using counter-oscillating tines.
  • There is a limited warranty of 2 years on battery and charger.


  • Dual-functioning tiller 
  • Counter-oscillating tines prevent weed tangles
  • No gas fumes or trailing cords


  • Kinda bit Noisy

Mantis Red Gas-Powered Mini Tiller – The Best for Powerful Engine

Mantis 7940 4-Cycle Red Gas-Powered Mini Tiller
Mantis 7940 4-Cycle Red Gas-Powered Mini Tiller

Gardening can be simple by using one of the best mini tillers, i.e., the Mantis gas-powered 4-cycle tiller. It is a lightweight machine that works effectively on any ground. It is easy to prepare your yard for planting. Go through its features in detail to know whether it is ideal for you or not. 


  • It is available with a handle to carry it anywhere as it weighs 24 pounds only. You can also fold the bars to store the machine with ease. 
  • There is a limited warranty of two years on various parts of the machine. 
  • The Honda engine of a 25cc 4-cycle is quite powerful. It requires only gas without any fuel mix. 
  • The speed of the tine 240 RPM is quite effective for breaking large soil chunks.
  • Get a throttle controlled by a single finger for easy operation and infinite speed control.
  • It is easy to reach the tight spaces because of its 9-inch width.


  • Unique curved cut blades dig deeper into the soil
  • Powerful gas-powered engine 


  • Complicated assembly process

Buying Guide

It is vital to consider some factors before deciding to buy any of the best mini tillers. Some of them are:

Buying Guide
  1. Tiller Types

There are different types of mini tillers available in the market. It is necessary to know all the types to pick the suitable one for your lawn. The tiller types are as follows:

  • Front-Tine: The position of the blades in the front-tine is on the front side of the machine. It rotates in the forward direction and is perfect for the soil groundwork along with weeding. If the size of the yard is small to medium, then you must pick this machine. 

You can use this tiller at a downward angle to get better results. You may find it difficult to push the equipment towards the soil because the blades can slip instead of digging over the surface.

  • Rear-Tine: If you are working on a heavy-duty project, you need the rear-tine mini-tiller to complete the job. The blades rotate in both counter and forward directions. It can dig deep into the soil and is comparatively more sturdy than the front-tine. It will be difficult for the beginner to operate. You can use the machine for large-scale projects to cover a large area of the ground.
  1. Blades

Three types of blades are attached to the tiller machines for better performance and control. You must know how these blades work and get the best one for your lawn.

  • Bolo: If you are considering the standard blades, then you should opt for the Bolo. These blades dig deep into the soil and break large chunks with ease.
  • Slasher: If you want a tiller with sharp blades for a thick plantation, then a slasher will be the best option. It works well in soft ground that consists of vegetation and roots. It will be easy for you to clean and churn the soil.
  • Pick and Chisel: If your garden has hard rocks in the ground that are difficult to break, consider pick and chisel blades. The high intensity and sharpness of the blades will cut the solid chunk into small pieces.
  1. Electric or Gas Tillers

You can get the best mini tillers that can operate through electricity or gas. If we talk about the electric ones, it is the best option to use in small gardens. There is no worry about the shortage of gas whenever you need it the most. But you may need a power outlet and a long extension to operate the machine. If we compare its power, then it is less as compared to the gas ones. 

There is less scope of maintenance in the electric ones as compared to the gas ones. Therefore, the price of electric mini tillers is also less. The gas tillers are the best for tilling the large-sized gardens. It can easily handle rocks, compact soil, and weeds. But the major drawback is that you need to push a lot while maneuvering or pushing the machine. The cost of buying and maintenance of gas-powered tillers is relatively high.  

  1. Budget

Every person has a budget, and it is necessary to buy any machine within that cost. Before buying a tiller, you might have assumed the price and prepared yourself to spend that amount. There are chances that the price may go slightly up and down. But you can manage it with ease. 

Consider the requirements and determine what type of machine is perfect for your lawn. There is no scope for investing a lot of money in useless equipment. Go for the best mini tillers for your yard and prepare the soil for the plantation.  

  1. Garden Size

The garden size is quite crucial to consider while buying a tiller. If the garden size is small, you can manage with an electric or small machine instead of the large or gas-powered one. Make sure that you operate the equipment for an entire day without any halt. Every person aims to complete his job on time. Therefore, you should consider an effective machine that matches the garden size.

  1. Soil Type

If there is loamy or fine soil in your garden, there is less scope of weeds, and the soil is quite fertile. You can buy a cheaper and less powerful tiller machine for maintaining the soil texture. But in the case of poor, rocky, or clay-based soil, you have to spend more money on powerful equipment.  

  1. Versatility

You can get the best mini tillers along with various attachments. Adding on the accessories will increase the cost of the machine but reduces your efforts. Every person has a different perspective for choosing the right attachments as per his needs. These accessories make a machine versatile, and you can pick any machine accordingly.

  1. Warranty

Machine parts can get damaged due to many circumstances. Sometimes, it can be challenging to deal with the soil, which involves large hard rocks. While buying the best mini tillers, ensure that you are getting a warranty from the manufacturer on various parts. Never compromise and buy anything without any warranty. You need to spend money on repairs, and therefore, it will not be an economical option for you.  

  1. Additional Features

You must consider additional features before buying one of the best mini tillers. Such as:

  • Simple to Start Engine: You need to buy a machine that is easy to start by pressing a single button. You can consider the electric ones, which are easy to manipulate. There is another option, i.e., a gas-powered tiller, which may take some time and effort to start.
  • Forward Tines Rotation: If the tines rotate in the forward direction, it will be easy for you to clean the machine. You can clear the roots, dirt, debris, and weeds with ease. The maintenance and cleaning process will become easy and convenient.
  • Adjustable Handle: It is necessary to hold and move the machine with comfort. The handle must be adjustable to turn or move the tiller in any direction. There is no need to struggle with its controls. An adjustable handle allows you to move the equipment in any way and navigate in your garden.
  • Depth of Tilling: There should be more than one option when it is about managing the tilling depth. The blades must reach inside the soil very well. If it penetrates shallow, then it can penetrate the vegetation and weeds with ease.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Right to Use a Tiller?

The best months for tilling are Autumn and spring. You must avoid it if the ground is soggy as it results in compact clods whenever the soil dries up. If you want better results, wait for at least a day after the rain.

Is It Possible to Plant Immediately After Tilling?

You have to wait for at least 2 to 3 weeks after the process of tilling. The microorganisms will get enough time to disrupt by the tilling time to develop nutrients in the soil.

Is It Necessary to Wet the Soil Before Tilling?

It is necessary to check the soil state before tilling. You must avoid the process in wet soil because it can cause poor root penetration. 

Final Thoughts

Getting a mini tiller simplifies your gardening task. It is necessary to cultivate the soil to prepare it for plantation. It is possible only when you use a machine to break large soil chunks into small particles. There are plenty of the best mini tillers available in the market, and it is hard to make the right choice.

Consider the mentioned buying guide to know all the factors that you must consider before making the purchase. Pick the best product mentioned in the article and prepare your lawn to make it green and healthy.

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