Learn How To Get Rid Of a Mockingbird In 3 Simple Steps ๐Ÿ˜‰



A mockingbird is one of the most possessive and noise-creating birds that you will come across. They appear to be nice while they are busy collecting their food. However, it can get annoying for you if they have just started living near your place. This is mainly because these birds are famous for mimicking the songs of other animals and birds.ย 


You may sometimes find it pleasant to listen to their sounds but not all the time. They produce sounds in succession, which is also very loud. This nuisance drives many people crazy, especially when they sit near the window to enjoy the weather.ย 

If you have gone through this bad experience, you might be searching for ways in which you can get rid of them. check out the simple guide below that will help you in getting relief from the mockingbirds.ย 

WHAT TO PREPARE To Get Rid Of a Mockingbird?

Preparing some tools are required before you move on to the actual steps. After all, it would be best if you had weapons to fight this battle.ย 


  • A super Soaker: A giant water gun can help you drive the mockingbirds away from your place. In case you do not have a water gun at your home, you can also use some toy guns that produce foam bullets. However, make sure not to use the pellet or the bb guns.ย 

super Soaker

  • Water: Of Course, you need water to charge your super soaker. If you have a faucet near the tree where the mockingbird lives, it would be easier for you to access water. Use soft bullets if you are going to use the nerf gun as your weapon.ย 


  • Flashlights: Well, flashlights can help you find where these nuisance-creating birds are hiding. This will also ensure that you do not hit the power lights or any dangerous object like sharp rocks, pointy branches, etc., that comes in your way.


  • Binoculars: You need to have binoculars to see the birds when you are standing far from their nest. To fight this battle in the night, you must keep your night vision goggles ready.


  • An owl or hawk made from cardboard: Looking for something to scare the mockingbirds and make them fly far from your place? Well, this cardboard owl or hawk can do that for you. People who love art can easily make such things with the help of cardboard pieces.ย 

owl or hawk made from cardboard

In case you are not willing to make one, you can use strong magnets or ultrasonic animal deterrents. Ultrasonic bird repellents create a loud noise to make the birds flee away.ย 


  • Pruner: This tool can help cut the tree branches where the mockingbird usually sits and makes noise.ย 


  • Earplugs: When everything that you planned out didn’t seem to work, keep your earplugs, headphones, or anything that can cut the noise ready.ย 




  • During the mating season, mockingbirds are in their aggressive mode. To not get attacked by them, please get rid of them between September to February. This period is considered the best to get relief from these birds.ย 
  • Some studies say that mockingbirds can acknowledge the people who are a threat to them. So, be careful because they can declare war on you before you use your weapons on them.ย 

#3 STEPS TO Learn How To Get Rid Of a Mockingbird


  1. Launching the all-out attack: Instead of directly killing the bird, use super soaker as your arm to push the mockingbirds away. To make sure that the water reaches far on the tree, put a powerful head on the tip of your soaker.ย 

First, use binoculars or flashlights to find out the exact location of the birds. You must also check if there are power lines or any other danger in your way. After following these steps, load your super soaker and turn on the faucet. Aim your water gun in the direction of their nest or where the birds are sitting.ย 


  1. Use Scaring techniques: Another way to relieve these noise-creating birds is by placing predators like owls or hawks made from cardboard cutouts. You need to be careful while doing this because this bird is known to be very possessive about its territory and does not hesitate to take a fight if needed.ย 

If this technique is unsuccessful for you, you are then trying using the ultrasonic bird repellents. This device produces loud noise, which helps in fleeing the birds away. Mockingbirds are said to rely on magnetism to find out the directions. Therefore, you can also use strong magnets to disrupt the bird’s flying path.


  1. No contact with birds: If you feel that the above steps are too harsh for you to use on a bird, use your earplugs. Earplugs will help you to sleep peacefully at night without letting the bird’s noise reach your ears.ย 

Cut the trees’ branches in your garden with a pruner if you don’t want them to target your trees. Cover your garden with berries and fruit plants between September and February. Mockingbirds will find this least attractive, and they won’t think to make your garden their home.ย 



When the mockingbird is searching for its mate, it doesn’t get tired of singing all day long and night. They are very overprotective about their territories and cannot tolerate other birds around them. If it continues to make noise all night long, then people might struggle to sleep.ย 

Before you take any harsh steps like killing the birds, we would like to make you aware that these birds are protected under the law. It is illegal to kill mockingbirds according to the law. However, you can try to fly them away by using the above techniques. Make your garden unattractive, use water guns, scare them with cardboard owls, etc.ย 

Please comment down below and let us know if you have discovered some new ways to tackle this issue. We would like to hear it out from you.ย 


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