🌸 Stunning List of Flowers that Start with C

List of Flowers that Start with C

List of Flowers that Start with C

When it comes to decorating your garden, different types of flowers are the best options. Many people look for the list of flowers that start with C. A variety of colorful and beautiful flowers that you can plant in your garden. 

You can pick the unique ones that are uncommon and are difficult to find somewhere. It is the best way to get the attention of your neighbors and make new friends. Everyone will ask about unique flowers on your lawn. Let us check out some adorable flowers.

Best Flowers For Your Lawn That Start With E

 Carpet Bugle

The scientific name of this flowering plant is Ajuga Reptans. It is known for its beautiful blue color, which needs moist soil to grow. It is necessary to provide partial shade to full sunlight to make it a mature plant. The best thing about this plant is that there are no special requirements for soil and lighting. You can grow this versatile plant in any condition, and it will remain evergreen in every climate.

Cape Primrose

It is a perennial flowering plant with the scientific name Streptocarpus. It can mature to the height of 1 foot, and it needs fertile and draining soil. The water requirement is average, and it will bloom for a long time. Many colors are there, i.e., purple, blue, and pink. It needs partial shade for better growth. If you stay in a hot and warm region, you can plant this flower and decorate your lawn.

Chocolate Cosmos

The name of the flower is quite exciting, and it is beautiful as its name. The scientific name of this species is Cosmos Atrosanguineus which can mature to the height of 3 feet. It is a dark red flower, which needs fertile and well-draining soil to grow. You need to provide an adequate amount of water to make it flourish. The best thing about this flower is that it smells like chocolate. Imagine that your garden has a fragrance of chocolate. 

Coral Bells

If you are looking for perfect pink color flowers, then coral bells are the best option. The scientific name of this flowering plant is Heuchera. This perennial type flowering plant with colorful foliage needs nutrient-rich, fertile, and moist soil. The maximum maturing height is 2 feet

These plants can divide to produce new ones within three to four years. The blooms on wooden stems look fantastic during the daytime. There are more than 30 species of coral bells that are found in North America. You can see the blooms in pink and white color that will look stylish on your lawn.


Another name of Carnation is Clove Pinks. These are pretty pink flowers with a maximum maturity height of 2 feet. It requires slightly alkaline and well-draining soil for proper growth. It is necessary to provide an adequate amount of water supply to keep the soil moist. You can also find these flowers in different colors like white, purple, orange, yellow, and red. 

There is no need for high maintenance because these flowers can stay the same for many years. Make sure that the soil condition and full sunlight are available to them. The scientific name of Carnation is Dianthus Caryophyllus. This species is quite attractive for butterflies, hummingbirds, bees, and pollinators

Calla Lily

You can get this species in South Africa with the scientific name Zantedeschia. Keep the soil moist for growing these lilies on your lawn. The unique cutting and appearance of the flowers are unique. This flowering plant is available in different colors like orange, pink, yellow, purple, red, and white. You have to plant it under partial or full sun. 

The blooms sprout in warm climates, and therefore, if you stay in such a place, you can pick these. Generally, this species is known as spathes, a leaf bracket that encapsulates the inner flower. You can grow them either in borders or containers. 

Cow Parsley

It is another beautiful perennial type flower with white feather-like foliage. You can grow these dainty flowers with ease by providing enough water to keep the soil drained. Keep it under partial shade or full sun. 

The maximum maturity height of the plant is 5 feet. When you grow it in your garden, you will get the feeling of fern. It requires low maintenance, and hence, it can develop in drought-prone areas also. The scientific name of this flowering plant is Anthriscus Sylvestris. There is a self-seed in the blooms which can produce new plants on its own.


You can get plenty of Crocus plants in different colors like purple, white and yellow. The best thing about this flowering plant is that it can open and close by itself. You can grow this unique species in your garden with requirements like moist and well-drained soil with partial shade to full sun.

The appearance of the flowers looks like slender grass. If you keep them in bright light, then they will open themselves. It will close in the dark atmosphere. Therefore, you can see two faces of this flower during daytime and night. The scientific name of this unique species is Crocus sp.


It is another unique perennial showy flower that grows in bushy clumps. The fern is more like rounded foliage, and blooming happens in spring. You can get these flowers in various colors like purple, pink and white. This flowering plant also requires partial shade to full sun along with moist soil. After fading, you can cut the stem to produce new blooms. 

If the soil in your garden is dry, then you cannot grow this plant. The lifespan is short, and hence, it will die quickly. But never disappoint because it also grows faster. You can grow these flowers at any place like borders, containers, rock gardens, etc. The scientific name of these bouquet flowers is Aquilegia Vulgaris.


Clematis is a climber flowering plant that is large and quite showy. It consists of pink-purple petals with white buds. The scientific name of the species is also Clematis. If you want to keep your garden full of blooms, then you can pick this one. 

When it starts fading, it blooms again after shedding the deadhead. You need to provide support to grow this climber. It requires low maintenance once it grows properly. Consider this flowering plant to enhance the beauty of your garden. 


You can pick anyone from the list of flowers that start with C or You can also pick some beautiful flowers that start with E. Check the soil and weather conditions of your place and know which one will be suitable for your garden. Make sure that you grow and care for them well to keep up the beauty of your lawn.

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